Promotional Printed T-Shirt

What makes a decent printed t-shirt decoration, what makes someone want to wear one in particular and how are the producers doing their best to provide the must-have design?

When freebies become chic.

Cotton t-shirt printed with Hooky Pale Ale design.


The use of a promotional printed T-shirt can provide a single use or if you provide something attractive and of decent quality, comfortable fit, minimal branding the recipient is likely to reuse over and over. Security practitioner Chris Ratcliff said “Nothing says a cheap product like a cheap t-shirt, I don’t want a company I dislike on me, a cool design gets more wears than a simple logo on a white t-shirt. Chris likened the Coca-Cola idea of putting your brand on merchandise which people will use or see a lot – hence a lot of coke mirrors and lampshades back in the day. While bad T-shirts and merchandise get consigned to bins and drawers, good products get used, hence reinforcing the brand.

Printed T-shirts are also a fun way to express your corporate identity but also need to reflect your company brand through taglines and slogans or imagery. If you get this wrong you could end up with a warehouse full of unwanted T-shirts.
Get it right and you’ll raise a smile which helps the wearer remember your brand.

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