Jute bags – Sustainability hero!

Jute fibres are tougher and more resilient than paper made from wood pulp and can withstand prolonged exposure to water and weather. They can be reused many times and therefore are very environmentally friendly.

In terms of reusability and recyclability, jute bags are one of the best options.

We have a great range of promotional jute bags to choose from.

Halton Shopper

Compact medium-sized natural eco-friendly jute bag with co-ordinating gusset and rope handles with jute trim. Includes laminated backing. Available in Amber, Black, Blue, Natural/Natural, Purple, Red, Yellow.

Minimum quantity 25, please call 01234 344317 for a personalised quote or email sales@simplyprintedclothing.com

We’re here to help you.

Halton Jute Shopper

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